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 Kandria XI

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PostSubject: Kandria XI   Kandria XI Icon_minitimeMon Dec 22, 2008 3:20 pm

Kandria XI

Located on the outskirts of the Imperium. It is a small planet with a dense magnetic core. This attracts a small asteroid field beyond its atmosphere, however as the planet is so small, the field has minmal effects on communications.

There are seven continents on Kandria XI and 2 oceans. Belos Alpha and Belos Gamma are both uninhabbited, barren wastelands in the southwest sector of the planet. The Viel supercontinent consists of the 5 others. This supercontinent contains the vast majority of feasible resources.

The two oceans cover, together, over 60% of the planets surface, however, they are almost completely unchartered.




SATELLITES: Kandria Minor

The moon is much like its planetary counterpart. It is the largest of many objects attracted to the planet due to its abrnomal magnetic field. The moon has no atmosphere and is made up primarily of Bore Iron, or Hesoidinium. Currently, the planet does not have the infastructure to begin any mining operations on Kandria Minor

CLASS: Imperial Mining Colony

YEARS AND DAYS: Kandria XI takes 231 Terran days to circumvent its sun. Kandria XI revolves around itself in the course of 17.354 Terran hours.

GOVERNEMENT: Currently governed by Leuitenant Phemis White, the third governor of the planet. The Ministorium rules with an iron fist, and has done ever since recolonisation, in an effort to forcibly instate servitude and peace amongst the populace. There is a PDF garrison of 300,000 and 4,500 Arbites agents permanently stationed among major population centres.

POPULATION: Approximated 15.010.000

RELIGION: The rule of the Ecclesiarchy has the full support of the governor and His Holiness the Emperor of Mankind is worshipped as the official religion.

ECONOMY: Essentially, the minerals provided by Kandria XI are superfluous to the Imperium. They provide meagre wealth, the majority of which goes to Administratum funding.

PRINCIPAL EXPORTS: Urson, Prometheus(sub 253), Magnetite

IMPORTS: Economy does not support major imports.


TROPOSPHERIC COMPOSITION: Nitrogen 83%, Oxygen 18%, Argon 3%, Ozone 4%, Carbon Dioxide 2%

SUBSECTOR: Waven Ultima

NATIVE FLORA AND FAUNA: Very little vegitation due to shallow soil and high percentage of heavy metals. Vegitation is sparse, albeit hardy, never exceeding 3 metres in height.

Fauna is primarily small reptilian creatures. All species are hexapedal. They prey on one another or small rock worms and beetles. Insectoid life is primarily underground. It is believed that there are enormous subterranean ecosystems, however there arent the resources to research such a claim.

Carrion birds are the largest fauna. They have 4 wings, the front of which are clawed. They prey primarily on the reptiles, but have on rare occasions been known to attack humans, isolated in the barrens. Finally, the oceans have rich ecosystems of enormous reptiles and instecoids, however, again, lack of recources means that specimens have not been mapped or researched.

CONTACT WITH OTHER WORLDS: No easily accessible Warp space routes. Limited exterior contact.

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PostSubject: Re: Kandria XI   Kandria XI Icon_minitimeMon Dec 22, 2008 4:13 pm

Very nice and detailed

I'm really considering weaving in the homeworlds that you guys have made into the campaign.
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Kandria XI
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