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 Imperial World Overview

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PostSubject: Imperial World Overview   Imperial World Overview Icon_minitimeMon Dec 22, 2008 12:25 pm


Tygress V

Feral World. This world has two great continents, one of them, Gel Mar, almost spans the entire planet’s equatorial line. It has a temperate climate with lush forests covering great areas. Massive mountain ranges dominate the centre of the continent. The planets tribal population, the Kelgar, is scattered all over the continent. Great plains dominate the south of the continent reaching all to way to the coast line.

The other continent, Brek Mar, lies at the South Pole, eternally covered in ice. No native population lives there.


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SATELLITES: Two moons.

Orctar Major is a moon covered ice with deposits of methane gas and hydrogen under it. It has no atmosphere. The gravitational pull from Tygress V and its other moon Orctar Minor can at times cause great moon quakes, that release gas and ice into space like great geysers.

Orctar Minor is rock and dust, though rich in iron ore. It has no atmosphere. The iron Hammers Adeptus Astarte chapter has its fortress monestary here. The moon is heavily defended and patrolled.

CLASS: Feral World.

YEARS AND DAYS: Tygress V takes 457 Terran days to circumvent its sun. Tygress V revolves around itself in the course of 28,4 Terran hours.

GOVERNEMENT: No organized government is present at Tygress V. The Iron Hammers takes care of all relations with off worlders. No landing on Tygress V is permitted without the consent of the Iron Hammers Adeptus Astara.

POPULATION: Approximated 3.000.000

RELIGION: A primitive version of the Imperial Cult.

ECONOMY: Money is of little use on Tygress V, the barter system is prevalent.

PRINCIPAL EXPORTS: No organized export. Big game hunting is possible, if done in agreement with the Iron Hammers Adeptus Astara chapter. Very few are honoured this way.

IMPORTS: No organized import. Nothing is imported without the permission of the Iron Hammers Adeptus Astara chapter.


TROPOSPHERIC COMPOSITION: Nitrogen 72%, Oxygen 25%, Argon 1%, Ozone 1%, Carbon Dioxide 0.5%.

SUBSECTOR: Drusus Marches

NATIVE FLORA AND FAUNA: The great plains of Gel Mar is home to a variety of different animals. The top predator, the drinx, is a giant feline that lives in packs. Massive herds of a furred rhinoceros like creature, the rhinox roams the plains as well.

The forests contain numerous deer like species, as well as few species of boar. The gargath bear is the top predator there in fierce competition with a species of cave lions. Bird life is prolific all over the planet.

Oceanic life is diverse and largely uncatalogued, though rumours persist of giant jellyfish that have taken shipwrecked fishermen to shore.

No life of any note lives on the Brek Mar continent.

CONTACT WITH OTHER WORLDS: Two stable warp routes exists to Thical and Opus Macharius.
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PostSubject: Re: Imperial World Overview   Imperial World Overview Icon_minitimeMon Dec 22, 2008 12:52 pm

Cool. I like the control the Chapter has over the populace. The fauna is pretty terrestrial, but still cool. Very nice layout.
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Imperial World Overview
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