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 Hector Durenderal

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Hector Durenderal Darkheresygreganhephast

Name: Hector Durenderal
Imperial Ident: 424-CX-937-GV047
Homeworld: Hive world / Ozymos Prime / Hive Vars
Gender: Male
18 solar standard
Imperial Divination: ‘Light your way in the darkness with the pyres of burning heretics’
Faction: Imperial Guard
Physical Appearance: Hector is taller and weights more than the average Imperial citizen, at 186cm tall and 92kg.

He has short, rough, blonde hair that still shows marks of the recent buzz cut by the Imperial Guard Recruiters. On his forehead, are two bionic-interface implants which were installed at birth by the Merchant House Hector’s parents worked for, as they do to all their employees.

His overall complexion is very pale, due to a life spent inside the Hive, living under electronic lights. His eyes are blue, yet they are heavily tinted with white because of Hector’s exposure to vast amounts of pollution during his childhood.

Finally, Hector wears a set of priest robes at all times, underneath his Flak Armour when the situation requires it. These blood red robes, with devotional prayers threaded in silver along the base and at the end of the two sleeves are his outward display of faith towards the God-Emperor. Gifted to him by his hab’s priest on his acceptance in the Imperial Guard, they are a constant reminder of his part in the Emperor’s grand plan.

Rank: Private
Equipment: Triplex-Pattern Lasgun with an attached glow-torch and sensor scope, Scatch-Pattern II Autopistol, ‘Claw’ Trench Knife, Frag & Krak Grenades, Imperial Guard Standard Flak Armour, Water Canteen, Spare Las Packs, Auto ‘armour piercing’ rounds, Small devotional Imperial Eagle on a chain and Robes of the Faithful.

Short Bio: Born and raised in the lower section of Hive Vars on Ozymos Prime by very zealous parents, Hector by no means had an easy childhood. The constant gang violence, mutant incursions from the underhive, the all en-compassing pollution and poverty created an environment which was very hostile to all forms of innocence and weakness. As a result, he was forced to adapt and mature at a very early age to survive. Hector killed his first man at the age of only eight, it was a ganger who was seeking to kill him, kidnap him, sell him into slavery, the reason does not matter for much. The important fact is that to save himself, Hector plunged the small knife he carried with him at all times, a gift from his parents, into the man’s neck and watched his life blood seep out onto the rockcrete floor.

However, among the constant depravity and overwhelming hopelessness of the lower hive, Hector, following his parents lead, found solace in the God-Emperor. During a church service, three years after his murder of the ganger, he felt an urgent need to publically confess his deed to the entire congregation, and he did so. While many of them were shocked and some even disgusted that such a young child should commit such an action, there was one man who saw the Emperor acting through this boy. Father Kizari was a stern, old man whose faith was total and uncompromising. Over the next several years he instructed Hector, along with several other young men and women, in the intricacies of the Imperial Creed. Yet, Father Kizari did not practise the mainstream Imperial Creed, his years as a priest attached to various Imperial Guard regiments had showed him the true dangers that lay for man out among the stats. As a result of this, he discovered the immediate need to armour one’s soul in more faith and zeal than was offered by the simple, mainstream version of the Creed. Compelled to assist the new generation with their future struggles, he passed on this knowledge.

When Hector reached the age of 18, he had a dream one night were he heard the voice of the Emperor, emanating from a blinding light in the sky. He requested his aid in defending his realm from those who would destroy it. Hector, being the devout and zealous man that he was after years of instruction under Father Kizari, immediately walked down to the Imperial Guard Recruiting Office and signed up. That was six months ago, Hector, now just having finished basic training is awaiting his first deployment against with eager anticipation, he is armed with the faith and training to combat all of the Emperor’s foes, or at least he believes so.
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Hector Durenderal
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