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 Tranch Major

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Tranch Major

Tranch Major is a jungle world with an extremely active molten core. Over three quarters of the planet surface is covered in a vast, luscious jungle. The remaining quarter of the surface is a combination of mountains, volcanoes and small polar ice caps. Due to the lack of any oceans and the large amount of volcanic activity, rain and thunderstorms are non-existent. The prevailing weather on Tranch Major is a combination of high temperatures and infrequent ash showers.

Founded in M39, making this one of the newest planets in the Calixis Sector. There is only one Hive city on Tranch Major, Hive Rollus that has an estimated population of 6 billion. The Hive is a huge industrial mass, built into the crater of the immense, dormant volcano, Mount Tholon. The Hive’s spires tower high above the volcano’s edge, while its lowest districts delve right into the planet’s crust. Surrounding the Hive is a combination of mining townships, large open cut mines, ash and slag deposits and smouldering lava fields.

The volcano’s crater limits the size of the of the city’s foundations, so the aristocracy have built upwards, he most prestigious locations being perched precariously on slender columns of steel hundreds of meters high. The city is frequently bathed in thick smoke from the foundries below and the major noble houses employ small armies of menials whose only job it is the scour the surfaces of these sky bound mansions until they gleam. Clean air is a valued commodity, with every mansion possessing powerful filtration systems to cut out the smoke, while the most ostentatious nobles’ pipe in air imported from cleaner worlds.

The middle level of the city is dominated by immense foundries powered by a system of vast geo-thermal generators sunk into the planet’s mantel. Almost all of the Hive’s middle class spend their entire lives working in foundries over cauldrons of molten metal or blazing furnaces the size of hab blocks. The foundries are sweltering; filthy, dangerous places were accidents are a regular occurrence. Even a fortunate worker’s life is shortened by decades thanks to heavy metal poisoning, the choking air and cruel environment. The majority of the foundry workers live clustered in adapted cargo containers that are latched to the sides of their factories. Even a glance of the city would show that people are an afterthought in Hive Rollus.

The Infernis is a region formed by the lowest levels of factories and warehouses that have collapsed or become uninhabitable. This far down, the city is unbearably hot and prone to floods of lava or toxic gas from Mount Tholon occasional lurches out of dormancy. Not to mention the considerable build-up of radioactive materials and chemicals that have leaked down the Hive over centuries of industry. The gangs of the Infernis are some of the toughest people on the entire planet. They have to not only endure extremely harsh conditions but also crackdowns by Imperial authorities, rival gangs, renegade psykers and dangerous mutants. There is nothing to live for in the Infernis as everyday is a fight for survival.




SATELLITES: Tranch Minor, Fortus I, Fortus II

Tranch Minor is the only true moon orbiting Tranch Major. Catalogued by the original Administratum survey team, the moon has a similar, if slightly smaller density and gravity than Tranch Major. The moon also contains large mineral deposits of both ore and gas. It has not been colonised thus far because of the lack of a demand for additional resources by the planet below.

Fortus I and II on the other hand are much smaller. They are both honeycombed rock asteroids that have incredibly low density and gravity. Originally nudged out of position in the system’s asteroid field by a passing Imperial Navy Fleet in M40, they were sent hurtling sun-wards. It was only by chance that they clipped the edge of Tranch Major’s gravitational field and were drawn into permanent orbit. Both asteroids have been deemed too unstable for colonisation.

CLASS: Imperial Hive World.


YEARS AND DAYS: Tranch Major takes 770 Terran days to circumvent its sun. Tranch Major revolves around itself in the course of 16.91 Terran hours.

GOVERNEMENT: The current Imperial Governor of Tranch Major is Gaius Questor X, who inherited the governorship from his father, who in turn inherited it from his father and so on. The Questor House has ruled since the planet’s original colonisation over a millennia ago.

The planet’s original form of government was a variation of the ancient Imperial Parliament, in which each noble house and major organisation had a position and a vote. Over the centuries this form of governance was gradually dismantled by successive Planetary Governors, until today were the Governor has total and wide-reaching powers with only the Chief Cardinal of the Ecclesiarchy and the Lord Judge Militant of the Adeptus Arbites as aides.

Commissioned by the Governor, there is a permanent PDF garrison of 10 million soldiers as well as an additional 20 million reservists. Additionally, there is a staggering force of Adeptus Arbites present of the planet, numbering over 80,000. Tranch Major was chosen an Arbites Sub-Sector stronghold shortly after its colonisation because of its proximity to major warp currents. Despite this heavy military and Arbite presence, there are constant food riots and acts of civil disobedience. Thus these forces remain strongly concentrated in the Higher and High-Middle divisions of the Hive.

The Governor’s rule is extremely detached. He is known to spend months on his private dirigible, which is as large as a hab block and acts as a secondary palace, cruising leisurely over the vast jungles and volcanos along with a significant portion of the world’s aristocracy. He leaves most of the actual governance to the Arbites and the local merchant houses that control the majority of the manufactoria in the Hive.

POPULATION: Approximated 7 billion, Administratum census 212.M41

RELIGION: The rule of the Ecclesiarchy has the full support of the Governor and His Majesty the Emperor of Mankind is worshipped as the official religion.

ECONOMY: Tranch Major, for its Imperial tithe supplies the Imperium with a wide variety of assorted arms, from lasguns to Baneblades and nearly everything in between. As well as weapons and munitions, Tranch Major also supplies other words with raw resources such as ores and gases that are not used in the local manufacturing process.

PRINCIPAL EXPORTS: Weapons, munitions, various ores and gases.

IMPORTS: No major imports.


TROPOSPHERIC COMPOSITION: Nitrogen 74%, Oxygen 16%, Argon 2%, Ozone 2%, Carbon Dioxide 6%

SUBSECTOR: Adrant Subsector
NATIVE FLORA AND FAUNA: Due the comparatively recent colonisation of Tranch Major, the Administratum, in conjunction with the Governor has ruled against any extensive exploration of the planet’s native flora and fauna due to its prohibitively expensive nature and small chance of return.

Despite this ruling, several explorers have journeyed beyond the cleared zone, deep into the teeming, untamed jungle masses of Tranch Major with hopes of discovering a miracle product or new, untapped mineral deposits. Few of these brave explorers make it back to the Hive, even less with their sanity intact. Those that do tell of gigantic beasts and viscous insect swarms that can devour a man in seconds.

The only other information on the planet’s native life comes from the original orbital scans and surveyor reports. These old, decaying documents tell a very different story. They claim that the planet was covered in ice and devoid of any life, but with plentiful mineral deposits, making it ideal for an Imperial Hive world. What events transpired to change this is currently unknown.

CONTACT WITH OTHER WORLDS: Due to the manufacturing nature of the world and its location within the Calixis Sector Tranch Major receives above average contact with neighbouring systems. The presence of the Sub-sector Arbites stronghold also adds to this. This contact however, is nothing compared to the older, established Hive worlds.
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Tranch Major
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