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Anphelion is a lucsious feral planet ont he outskirts of the Ultima Segmentum. The entire planet is covered in avid jungles but for a few small land-locked seas. The biomass levels of the planet are enormous, greater than the total mass of its two satellites. Ecosystems are enormous and hidesouly complex. It is estimated that one certain microscopic species of insectoid has a population harboured on Anphelion alone greater than that of the entire human race.

Anphelion is known to have been inhabbitted by Hive Fleet Leviathan at some point during the invasions 997.M41. Although unconfirmed many speculate that there are still organisims of genus Tyrannicii hidden on the planet. During the invasions Imperial Guard bastions wereconstructed on the planet. Uninhabbitted since on record, most of these bases have become dysfunctional and overgrown from the extraordinarily fast growing plant species. Indeed, many bases can no longer be seen from satellite images.

Some exploratory missions have been attempted on the planet. Thos that survive the harsh system bring back invaluable specimens and recordings of the ecosystems. The infamous archeoxenan Antor believes the planet to harbour an ancient Necrontyr mausoleum. His theories state that this Necrotyr vessal is so strong that it disrupts the synapse passage of the Tyranid hive fleets. In addition, there is a far greater tyranid prescence on the planet left over from various Hive Fleets, each lost to the lull of the Necrontyr. Antor is a heretic and blacklisted on Imperial records.




SATELLITES: Caucas, Erod I, Erod II, Erod III, Ptyion, F57.Y, F98.Y.... (74 satellite masses)

Both moons harbour similar environments to Anphelion, however neither is able to support sentient life. Anphelion is classed as having titanic mass3I and theatmosphere created as a result is incredibly dense, causing massive navigatory and telepathic void zones. Most of the satellites cannot support life due to the atmosphere.

CLASS: Uninhabbitted

YEARS AND DAYS: Kandria XI takes 956 Terran days to circumvent its sun. Kandria XI revolves around itself in the course of 153.76 Terran hours.





PRINCIPAL EXPORTS: N/A [prospect reports state that large quantities of what appears to be Ebonite and Sanquinite exist in the mantle]



TROPOSPHERIC COMPOSITION: Nitrogen 64%, Oxygen 26%, Argon 2%, Ozone 7%, Carbon Dioxide 1%

SUBSECTOR: Anphelius

NATIVE FLORA AND FAUNA: The Flora and Fauna section of this report must be comparitively brief else it would exceed transmission limits. The ecosystems of the planets are extrordinary, almost unparalleled in all of southern Imperial space. Species range from insectoids to mammals, reptiles and amphibians to multitudes of non terrestrial genii and subgenus unheard of on any other system.

Insectoid ecosystems begin at the microscopic level. Decomposition rates are incredible as are indeed, the range and virulence of both bacterial and infectious viral diseases. Insectoids themselves range in size from said microscopic, benial arachnids to monstrous predators that have been recorded destroying exploratory Chimeras, to vast unmoving slug like behemoths with armoured plates that appear to graze on soil nutrients.

The seas harbour similarly dense ecosystems, the majority of which seem to have developed from land based lifeforms, suggesting the relatively recent development of water courses. There are no gilled creatures, only marine reptiles, amphibians, cnidarians and mammals.

The plant systems are equally astonishing. Of particularly mention is a family of vines that on contact will exume highl acidic nectar. Translated reports from Tau explorators claim that there are in fact many levels of plant life, literally, and that the floor of the outermost layer is the canopy of another, far older forest below it. As the forests "sink" enormous amounts of fossil fuels have developed. The Tau reports go further, suggesting signs of habitation, similar to Imperial facilities currently ont he surface, found on layers of forest dated 40 centuries in the past.

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