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 Madra Prime

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PostSubject: Madra Prime   Fri Dec 26, 2008 5:24 am

Madra Prime

Madra Prime is an ocean world. The surface of the entire planet is covered with caustic seas prone to low pressure systems and high winds. This causes both enormous swells and ferocious storm cells. The city, as named Madra Prime, is the only one on the planet. It is elevated above water level. The city is of gargantuan proportions, housing the entire 2 billion strong population.

The city's wealth comes from gaseous vents on the sea floor, releasing pure Helloid, a substance that can be refined to create various polymers and used in alloys. These vents are localised and the energy pumped to refining stations locating underwater. The planets mantle is of extremely low density, almost in gaseous form, meaning the resources are almost infinite and also causing the planet to have an erratic orbital trajectory. this in turn, causes a bizzare seasonal pattern.

The city itself has been added to thousands of times over the past 1500 years of its existence. As such, the size and complexity of the infastructure and indeed even the traffic arteries themselves is of nigh impossible complexity. Even sector officials cannot accurately map gas vavles or power wires in their localised sectors. The vents too have created a series of tunnels and industrial facilities, located along and below the sea floor. Many such facilities are abandoned as vents cease to produce.





Both moons are honeycomb rock. The low density of Madra Prime causes it to have low gravity, regardless of size. Both satellities are too unstable for colonisation, however it is believed that some facilities do exist inside the labryinthine underground sctructures. Geologically, both moons are identical, however Volga I is slightly larger.

CLASS: Imperial Mining World [Imperial City State]


YEARS AND DAYS: Madra Prime takes 1034 Terran days to circumvent its sun. Madra Prime revolves around itself in the course of 67.34 Terran hours.

GOVERNEMENT: The city is currently governed by Gael Madra XVI. He governs a body called the Administration. This body consists of the upper members of the planets Ecclesiarchy, Madra's own cabinet, and the CEO's of the Helloid cartel.

There is no standing PDF garrison. Rather, private military forces own individually replace the far less reliable and independant external influence of an Imperial garrison. In addition, the Adeptus Arbites has a large presence. However, they remain strongly in concentrated areas of the city, acting more as customs officials and legal police than invesigatory and riot personel.

The Administrations rule is ultimately, very detached. They ignore their people, leaving its isolted economy to wallow in near poverty. The Administration itself is enormously wealthy. However, they do protect their people adamantely. Many Imperial sanctions have been requested and many Inquisitors have found trails goind cold at Madra Prime. The Administrations joint political influence controls almost all internal investigations, making the city a veritable hub for crime and more sinister activities.

POPULATION: Approximated

RELIGION: The rule of the Ecclesiarchy has the full support of all Administrating factions and His Holiness the Emperor of Mankind is worshipped as the official religion.

ECONOMY: The 1500 year old economy is extremely unique. There is only one feasible natural resource, Heliod, which is refined or sold raw. To prevent a cartel monopoly, every single registered Imperial citizen is labelled as a stakeholder in one universal company, all with an equal share. As a result, the entire city relies on its own micro-economic policy of internal trade, craftmanship and a adamantly constant currency.

The prosperity of the city is controlled by the success of the Administration. Should external trade be successful, th money will in turn cause feasible profits to increase. However, as almost all citizens have an equal trade share, they themselves recieve no further prosperity. The cities means remain the same, whearas the Administrations immense wealth ebbs and flows.

Finally, a the sub-class of non-registered citizens intermingle with the registered citizens. There is nothing to distinguish them. Micro-economies are everywhere as new currencies are built up over the standardised one, trading cartels are established and a veritable blackmarket exists, which almost the entire population is dependant on.

PRINCIPAL EXPORTS: Presidium 967 (94%), Presidium 534, Helloid

IMPORTS: Massive demand for imported foodstuffs as no agricultural infastructure present.


TROPOSPHERIC COMPOSITION: Nitrogen 79%, Oxygen 14%, Argon 2%, Ozone 1%, Carbon Dioxide 4%

SUBSECTOR: High Maerl Subsector

NATIVE FLORA AND FAUNA: No native land based organisms. Small rodents and scavenging ovine creatures inhabit and plague the cities. Highly caustic seas support very little life. Most species are found in deep ocean trenches. The few exploratory expeditions to such locations have recorded thousands of species living in immense ecosystems. Energy appears to come from the gaseous vents, rather than sunlight as in shallow marine ecosystems.

Most larger species are Cnidarians, rather than mammals or reptiles. Whilst very rare, these creatures are of monstrous proportions, some even known to prey on supply vessels, however usually they will feed on small crustaceans.

CONTACT WITH OTHER WORLDS: Subsector is within 2 weeks on Terra and maximised trade policy supports large levels of exterior contact. However, customs protocols are extremely strict and most visitors are contained within certain sterile areas of the city.

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PostSubject: Re: Madra Prime   Fri Dec 26, 2008 6:53 am

Very cool, a single corporate stronghold on an ocean mining world. Would you describe the city as a Hive, with the wealthy citizens living in towering spires and the underclass living near or under the waterline? Also, as the city is expanding, is it expanding outwards, downwards or skyward?

Two things, is there an orbital presence (defence platforms, Imperial Navy ships/shipyards, trade stations) and if the entire planet is covered with a gaseous ocean, wouldn't there be a massive need for imported food goods?
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PostSubject: Re: Madra Prime   Fri Dec 26, 2008 7:04 am

Expanding everywhere, most likely outwards and along the sea floor as mining facilites are built. It probably would be a hive world.

Small private armadas guard the space around the planet, and the PDF is in fact private security forces.

Good point. I forgot to edit the imports section.
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PostSubject: Re: Madra Prime   

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Madra Prime
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